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Develop the Unmanned to Connect, Preserve and Explore

… is what moves VOA into the future. Seeking to be the best in Unmanned Operations and Technologies, the company will conquer the world with its services based on a global network of partners, suppliers, employees and customers. Be a Approved ,through our franchises, is at the heart of this strategy and will provide the penetration and gain of scale that will make the increasingly expressive use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft viable and safe.

Agribusiness and, specifically, Pest Control, are the gateway to this future, where Remotely Piloted Aircraft will be increasingly present in the field and in the daily lives of field professionals.

The VOA technology, validated over the last Brazilian harvests, will provide the basis for the Homologated to operate its services and collaborate in creating the future.

The VOA Contribution to the Future of Agriculture

We contribute to crop nutrition and protection through Precise Monitoring, the Application of Biological Agents and Fertilizers, and the Rational Use of Pesticides.

VOALINE Crop Nutrition and Protection Preccess


Our customer places a service order for Crop Protection at voaline.com (our Service Platform)


Our platform interfaces with pesticide producers and their distribution chain to ensure the delivery of products on site, at the right time and under the conditions for application.


Our operator, who provides services in the region, is automatically assigned by the platform to attend the service order, considering availability information, among others, and starts to plan the aerial applications included in the treatment protocol.


Crop monitoring is carried out using automatic and manual methods. The information is sent to the service platform through the mobile application. With this information, the platform adjusts the service order information.


On the correct day, the operator performs the manipulation of pesticides and aerial application in the field


After looking at the detailed application reports on the service platform, our customer approves the service. Billing is carried out and revenues on services are distributed.

Where did we get with this?

For Farmers

- Greater traceability of treatments;
- Better management of crop protection;
- Transparency regarding costs and charges to protect crops;
- Lower costs for crop nutrition and protection;
- Best Sustainability and Environment Practices;
- Ease in hiring and executing services, and;
- Lower cost to search for suppliers.

For Approved and Operators

- Co-investment to start providing services;
- Income generation;
- Technical support for aircraft operation;
- Access to the regional market, and;
- Easier to reach new customers.

For the Plant Protection and Nutrition Industry

- Greater traceability of treatments;
- Better quality control of treatments, and;
- Handling and logistics of products.

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