If our plans are aligned with you, it will be easy to become a VOA Pilot!

  1. Are you willing to join a network of collaborators to Develop the Unmanned to Connect, Explore and Protect?
  2. Are you interested in becoming a VOA Drone Pilot?
  3. Do you have at least 50% of your time available for the intended operations?
  4. Are you interested and willing to receive our training, receiving our latest generation Agricultural Drones to provide VOA services?
  5. Are you a resident in one of our focus areas for the expansion of our Service Network in the next 12 months? Consult the company to find out more?
  6. Do you have the means to travel to perform services within a radius of up to 150km from your residence?




For you who intend to become a VOA Pilot, we bring:


Co-investment to enable it, including the supply of state-of-the-art Agricultural Drones equipped with the most advanced equipment for crop treatment.

Additional Income

The possibility of generating additional income with access to our Service Network. Connect to our service network and guarantee additional income for you.

Technical support

Continued Technical Support for your operations. We will keep your Agricultural Drone operating. Our service contract guarantees continuous remote assistance, 24/7, and express logistics for spare parts and drone replacement.

Continuous Monitoring

Your drones will always be monitored by the Service Platform. Before it has problems, we will make the replacement so you don't stop operating.

New clients

Easier to reach new customers by pushing service orders in your region.

Market Reach

Reach the regional market through our Service Platform. By joining our network, you will have access to all customers in your region.

Your VOA Pilot Process

These are the steps for you to be part of our service network. Let's move on!

1. Initial Registration

Make the initial registration by clicking here

2. Profile Analysis

Upon receiving your initial registration, we will evaluate your profile according to our criteria.

3. Negotiation

We will send you the draft of the Operator Contract with the details of our services to you.

4. Hiring

When we reach a viable contract, we can proceed with signing it.

5. Training

After hiring, our Operations team will begin their training, including sending equipment, as needed.

6. First Services

When you are comfortable to start operating, the platform will begin to target the first services for you.

Become a VOA Drone Pilot

Start your new business

Use our technology and service platform to contribute to Sustainable Agriculture and Crop Protection.
Operate your Agricultural Drone!